Road Safety Month in Turkmenistan

A month-long event on ensuring road safety is being held in Turkmenistan. All events are conducted under the motto « Road Safety is the peace of mind of our lives ». The initiative of this action belongs to the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and is dictated by concern for people, especially the health of citizens of Turkmenistan. Concern about the health of the nation, which is the highest value of the Turkmen state, is the first and foremost priority of the national Lider’s state policy, and is expressed at the capacious motto « The government – for the people » and aims at creating environment for comprehensive development of each person.
The Road Safety Month has been launched on September 1, 2013, with the mass public sporting event – cycling, timed to coincide with the “Day of Knowledge and Students”. In the framework of the campaign, which is comprehensive, a number of measures have been implemented. The month-long event is designed not only to draw attention to this important issue, but mainly to consolidate the efforts of the government agencies, the relevant departments, non-governmental organizations and the whole society in ensuring the road safety.
To date the importance of addressing road safety is recognized all over the world. Road traffic accidents are one of the most dangerous threats to the health and lives of people all over the world. The damage caused by road accidents is more than from all others combined.
Great role is assigned to national civic organizations in conducting planned activities. In cooperation with the state agencies they organize conferences, radio and TV broadcasts, various competitions, special lessons for students on the traffic rules.
All events are of informational and educational character and envisage sharing information, materials, ideas and methods of doing work in this area.
The participation of the NGOs in the efforts to ensure road safety is intended to serve as a tool in the prevention of the road traffic offenses.
It is obvious that the knowledge of medicine is an important part of the road safety, which should be known to each and every participant of the road traffic.
Particular attention is devoted to the work with the younger generation. Thanks to the lessons children are learning how to behave on the road, first aid skills, apply a tourniquet and bandage to the wound as well as to assist in fractures.