Grand Tour of the Astana Ballet Theatre in Switzerland

Grand Tour of the Astana Ballet Theatre in Switzerland


On December 15, 16 and 17, the Astana Ballet Theatre will perform a tour in Switzerland. On the stage of the grandiose cultural centre of Geneva, Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, the capital’s collective will present the masterpieces of national and modern choreographic art: the iconic performance “Carmen Suite” by A. Alonso, the author’s performance “The Arcana of Fate”, and “The Heritage of the Great Steppe” gala concert.

“Going on tour to Switzerland, we thought about the best pieces, which have already won recognition from the public in the world, that can be shown in Geneva. So, of course, first of all, we chose the iconic performance “Carmen Suite”. In addition, we wanted to show our own creative product created by our choreographers. I believe that any tour is, first and foremost, an exchange of experience and cultural traditions. Geneva is a completely new city for us in this regard from a creative point of view. It is very exciting and simultaneously very responsible to perform on the stage of the famous cultural centre. I hope all our performances will be a success, which they certainly deserve,” said Alexandr Sovostyanov, director of the theatre.


On December 15 and 16 at 7.30 pm, and on December 17 at 2 pm, the first part of the evening will feature the legendary ballet “Carmen Suite” by A. Alonso to the music by Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin. This is a unique diamond of the ballet art of the XX century. The life story of the freedom-loving, ardent and passionate Carmen serves as a source of inspiration for many choreographers, the best ballerinas strive to dance this part. Due to the vivid and extraordinary choreography of Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso, brilliantly conveying the feelings and aspirations of the characters, “Carmen Suite” has become a favourite ballet for many admirers of dance art and has become the legacy of the best theatre scenes.

In the second part of the evening, admirers of choreographic art will have a chance to enjoy the mystical performance “The Arcana of Fate” staged by the chief choreographer of the Astana Ballet Theatre Mukaram Avakhri to the music of the famous Kazakhstani singer Karina Abdullina. Tarot cards are enigmatic, mysterious and boundless, like the universe. The symbolism encoded in them is rooted in secret knowledge, open only to the initiated ones. This is a real treasure trove, concealing fundamental truths and great knowledge, which are the key to the bottomless sources of wisdom of mankind on the way to self-knowledge.

On December 17, at 7 pm, connoisseurs of high art will be presented with a gala concert The Heritage of the Great Steppe choreographed by Honoured Figures of Kazakhstan Aigul Tati and Mukaram Avakhri. This deep ethnographic and imaginative narrative about national identity in the language of dance has long been the signature performance of the theatre and repeatedly drew a round of applause in the largest cities of Europe and America. National choreographers appeal to the history and traditions of the Kazakh people in their works. This concert program contains the latest achievements of Kazakh choreographic art, which are accompanied by visual and artistic effects and colourful costumes.

It is worth noting that today Astana Ballet is one of the leading choreographic companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has thousands of adorers around the worldIt conducts active touring and concert activities both in the country and abroad: dancers have performed at the most prestigious stage venues in Beijing and Shanghai (China), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Seoul (Korea), Budapest (Hungary), Baku (Azerbaijan), New York (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Warsaw (Poland), Minsk (Belarus), Brussels (Belgium), Milan (Italy), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Dubai (UAE), and Tbilisi (Georgia).

The tour will take place with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.