Updated Constitution of Uzbekistan is supporting Youth

Updated Constitution of Uzbekistan is supporting Youth

The constitutional reforms in Uzbekistan are significant in the country and they are aimed at enshrining the principles of « man – society – state » and « Uzbekistan – a social state » as a constitutional rule, establishing a people-friendly state, and strengthening the protection of human rights and social protection.

Current Constitution served as a solid legal foundation and the main guarantee of the achievements and major changes achieved in Uzbekistan during the years of independence. But times are changing fast.

Therefore, it is the main requirement of today to adapt the main Law to the reality in the society, to the great milestones in the development strategy of New Uzbekistan, and to the core of intense reforms.

It is no exaggeration to say that constitutional changes have become a vital necessity based on the gradual development of Uzbekistan. The fact that all citizens are actively participating in the constitutional reforms and giving their suggestions indicates that the Parliament is becoming more pro-people. The updated Constitution should unite entire society around the idea of building a developed state – New Uzbekistan. To the draft of the New Constitution more than 220,000 proposals were received and was prepared in the active participation of the general public, organizations, representatives of expertise and scientific circles, intellectuals.

Updated Constitution aims to change the principle of « state-society-man » to « man-society-state », that is, first of all, to put human interests above all else.

At the recently held meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament), members of parliament considered the draft of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan « On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan » item by item. During discussions, it was emphasized that the issue of youth should be brought to the level of a separate chapter in renewed Constitution, and that youth policy is a priority.

Today’s young people in Uzbekistan are well aware of their rights, they are not indifferent to the country’s life and future. The proposals of young people are reflected in the draft. In particular, to ensure the protection of the personal, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights of young people, to encourage their active participation in the life of society and the state, to create conditions for their spiritual, intellectual, creative, physical and moral development, and the realization of their rights. The fact that the state assumes its responsibility is a great motivation for young people.

It should be noted that during the past period, many legal documents related to youth support were adopted in Uzbekistan. It is particularly noteworthy that the innovations and eases of the past period are strengthened in our Main Law.

In fact, the aspirations and dreams of grandfathers, who founded the first and second renaissance periods, are clearly manifested in the basis of the idea of « New Uzbekistan » and the principle of « For Human Dignity », which is becoming a nationwide movement today. In the implementation of such lofty ideas and goals, updated Constitution of Uzbekistan serves as a program as an important historical document.

Over the last two years Uzbekistan initiated two resolutions in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations dedicated to supporting youth. In 2021 “Human rights implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people” and in 2022 “On youth and human rights”.