Have you ever dreamt of learning a language in a few months?

Have you ever dreamt of learning a language in a few months?

Thanks to an innovative and motivating method, you can learn a new language in record time. Using highly efficient pedagogical techniques, our warm, creative and professional teachers keep you motivated and adapt to your way of learning and to your specific objectives.

Learn English in 3 months…or choose from 33 other languages

Your teacher will develop a programme that is tailored to your level, pace, knowledge gaps and objectives, and you will find yourself learning something new at each moment of the lesson. You will memorise vocabulary while engaging in lively and authentic conversations with your teacher on subjects you are passionate about, without having to memorise vocabulary lists at home. Your teacher will introduce grammar concepts in a lively way during conversations related to your interests, and you will discover that grammar can be a set of practical shortcuts rather than dull and abstract rules. Our flexible hours mean that you can take lessons from 7am to 10pm, 7 days per week, and reschedule at any time by giving 24 hours’ notice.

In-person and online lessons

Right next to the rue du Rhône in the centre of Geneva, our bright and spacious classrooms with a panoramic view over the Jet d’eau and surrounding mountains offer an attractive and welcoming space to learn in. However, given the current public health concerns in these extraordinary times, taking lessons online from home could be a preferable option.

Online lessons: distance learning with your teacher at your side

By choosing to learn a language online from home, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that communicating with your teacher is just as authentic and spontaneous as in person. Your teacher will be right there with you, even while distance learning, and you’ll be able to see their smile better on your screen than behind their mask.  The possibility of total immersion in the language you are studying through virtual outings is an excellent opportunity which makes language-learning engaging and motivating. Your teacher will make your lessons interactive, creative, and inspiring, and take you on online visits of museums, natural wonders or cultural events according to your interests and programme objectives. Over the course of the pandemic, our students were surprised to discover that online teaching was just as high-quality, effective, and enjoyable as in-person lessons, and they were delighted about the various technical possibilities that made their lessons all the more enriching through online visits and activities.

A department for your children

Accelerated French and English programmes for young people new to Geneva

make it possible to continue their schooling in French or English without difficulty. Your children or teenagers have their language lessons alongside their school lessons, for as long as they need to.

Learning a language from early-on

makes it possible to acquire it with ease and enjoyment and to reach native proficiency, even for pronunciation. Our warm, native and experienced teachers develop specific programmes for every student, with activities and games that match the age and interest of each child. Your child will be totally immersed in the language they are learning, making discoveries that range from finding out about natural wonders to visiting museums.

Tutoring and remotivation in all school subjects

Our tutoring programmes and motivation coaching in all school subjects are adapted to the specific needs of each student and take place in a stimulating and reassuring environment. Thanks to their genuine gift for teaching, our teachers place every student at the centre of the learning process and teach their mother tongue and all school subjects with an interactive and lively method that is flexible yet structured, demanding yet encouraging.

Our innovative and completely personalised teaching solutions allow children and teenagers to bridge the learning gaps in the subjects they find difficult, regain confidence in their abilities, rebuild their self-esteem and discover that learning can be a real pleasure.

Learn how to learn, and acquire strategies for success

Whether the subject be maths, sciences, German, French, essay writing, or learning to read, it is essential to restore the student’s confidence in their abilities, thereby allowing them to regain their motivation. As they go, the student will also learn how to learn and acquire learning strategies.

Flexible hours from 7am to 10pm – 7 days per week – all year round

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