Political Prisoner in Haiti: Indication of the Cost of Repair


  • Political Prisoner in Haiti: Indication of the Cost of Repair

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If Mao’s China was always in room of tortures any confused genre, the neighborhood knows it. Hidden infernal rice fields, revealed Tiananmen. Square of the martyr we see ducking out of it the shadow. Multi-head giant, context of powerful military wing, is beyond belief of the UN. Charter was categorized big State small State, the economy so decided on it on the Third World. It was necessary in spite of any boldness of this global organization, more realism because the Maoist Buddhist advocates the resignation in favor of other lives. Repair. The Chinese adapts to this religious comma which is its base of impact strength. He pretends to deny in politics the Chinese religion where, elephant dirty rat, their wanga (Hatian terms), the progress has the rest, electing every year more and more of rich enhancing the affluent class in numeral profile. The death loses ground.

Haiti besides, small plague-stricken state of the State of crime, mortiferous. The dead man prefers the zombie-sme. Get back by the gangan. Nevertheless the drop of salt, it keeps hope of rehabilitation so much he does not know how to die. He evicts the poverty. The fall of the reign-barbarian Duvalier & consorts proposed the other shape of hope registered in Constitution 87.

The woman is even rehabilitated, to say recognized, from now on legal successor in the regency. The greed got back a new living space. Exiled, prisoner politics, intimidation, such it old pattern revamped settled, with interventionist presidency. Jovenel Moïse presides blissfully of brotherhood concerning docket-05-20874-CR-ALTONAGA the political virtue of which we have not yet measured saved in Haiti, suspected of the UCREF of presidential bliss, develops in the style of. François Duvalier would there be even sad in seeing losing in shadow by this Alibaba of Moïse-Lafontant. The drama !

San Francisco, human rights, ICC is pious wishes, the evil is pathogenic. Haiti disappoints. Jean Jackson Michel is heavily penalized, reduced to his simplest expression, humbles, tortures ruined psychologically, deprived of health care and medical necessary for his health, depreciated. He is obliged by the implementation of an unhealthy catheter to urinate, 4 months after the original publication of this article in French. Considering the Introduction of the Constitution, para (1) on inalienable rights, para 6 on the separation of power, the para 7 on the fundamental liberties. The art.16 on the enjoyment, the exercise of the civil and political rights, the art.19 on the right to life and in the health, art 24, 24.1, 24.2, 24.3 on the personal freedom, 25.1 on the representation, 26, 26.2 on the detention, on the liberation. The law matrix of the country. No, the codes of civil, penal procedures, subsequently raped actually. The art.41 on the security in the case of J Willer Marius. Haiti has to grow up, be declared responsible for its acts after 214 years of independence. We had said that Tillerson (US) pleads bad Moises president: is he trade of or negotiating a project to come ? He is not any more in office now.

Here is thus the shocking image which demonstrates what we made undergo to a citizen. Jean Jackson Michel. This looks like a twin of the era of the deceased colonel tiboule (Albert Pierre) native, of course, of the Cap-Haitien also. The inconvenient crazy statement of a delirious president in banana Republic lists him schizophrenic himself, paranoiac because he dreams about terrorist attack against his person. He may be desired it planned, the president of the Senate brings into conflict a flat denial, asserting that he was in the presidential car also with the president of the Lower House. Hospice!

Thank you miracles, Jean Willer Marius adjacent political sound was able to escape for the exile just on time.

Why then would the pm Lafontant have been to visit the archeloise population, on this bottom of case, the 29-12 whereas they would have delivered him the extract of articles published on the affair?

The meditative data tend to guarantee that investigating judge Berge O Surpris had granted the partial raised hand near Government Commissioner to relieve, free Jean Jackson Michel. No matter, his lawyers were not reachable to verify before the validity of the document, so emitted, in their ownership. It, in spite of the cost of strong sums which he would have already committed in expenses of lawyers. Far from brilliant context, in the light of the verb of the President of the bar of Port-au-Prince in session of opening.

A conversation with police commissioner Daméus, in charge of the case, would confirm nevertheless. The reserved fate of this Republican State holds him prisoner in political prisoners. Without charge. On a denounced deceitful responsibility, of the president of the Republic, which resulted in a prohibition of illegal departure. Politics and hands of Lucien Jura a local political challenge and spokesman of the presidency.

Which informed accordingly the legal ban on departure JJ Michel, before stopping him at the airport, on April (13th), 2017: Antonio Rodrigue, Heidi Fortuné, J Moïse-the-bailiff? Then taking into account the art.27 on the right to pursue the authors in case of violations of measures relative to the personal freedom registers in the Constitution. The civilian not being dependent on the penal/criminal, vice versa, the cause of this political prisoner, the victim made up in share of Government Commissioner returned in politicized instruction, has the right integer to take civil action against his executioner, without discrimination nor perversion of case, it was that that is the State the culprit, of carelessness or ill-treatment. Otherwise, it is the complicity, it is the injustice instead of the rule of law in the continuity. The affair is going farther than to swerve to the civilian with a pursuit against the State, for defamation, loss of civil, economic, individual freedom, loss of enjoyment of civil life, material loss, prolonged illegal detention, compensation, repair, reached the freedom of expression, the political plot.

Haiti and its crime against a person in correlation with the UN which occupy the place, the cooperative state which builds her prisons for political prisoners, for prolonged arbitrary, illegal detention, without trial neither judgment nor right for the defense. It is a case of a plot of interests there were, of the administration Trudeau (Canada), we saw Antonio Rodrigue Secretary (MAEHC) in opportunist state visit in Montreal, with the former deposed liberal mayor, trying to meet the applicant of status according to the agreement, the same moment when the political upholder escaped the drama returned in Montreal. The appearance is often misleading but the complicity of the children « Sponsor » cannot be evaded by default, it is necessary to justify. Let us scrutinize in the light of charges against Maduro because the case Jackson is censorship in the economy.

It is not thus blind that, in No. of 16/08 2017 of H-O, not with full knowledge of the facts of the bare depth of the affair Willer-Jackson, the author handle the subject of the Budget in a report in the Justice, in the judges who sit in it, in terms of intimidation pulled from the understanding of the leader of the RNDDH. I quote: « for lack of being able to modify the judicial system, such as he made for these two institutions, the leader of the executive, together with his allies of the Parliament, decided to deprive him of the ways to work […]. It can be explained by the fact that Moses wants to put the judicial system in the impossibility to decide against him. Reality in which we believe, is widely demonstrated so here as by its words through comic interventions. With the UCREF and the ULCC piloted by his own partisans and judicial authorities incapable to act in any dependence, Jovenel Moïse considers assured that the file of accusations held against will remain him blocked infinitely to the Public prosecutor’s department of Port-au-Prince ».

Thus the President would be neither without interest nor out of suspicions in this place and cause. If the candidate were confused, Lucien Jura himself would have in this obvious fact of servants, received mandate to strengthen this clan, as the time of all the powers given to François Duvalier by the vein blinded of Luc Stephen senator?  Did not he return towards his spokesman’s old jobs of the presidency of sinuous character of PHTK become Head of State?

Rex Tillerson congratulating J Moïse is other than Nelson Rockefeller’s reduced replica greeting the crowd with Duvalier François, in the perfume of the country-Watergate.

Unfortunate Tillerson who ignores, on the other hand, at this time, maybe that the Russian agents of information infiltrated in the US would have already woven a displayed cloth which reveals more and more indications on the potential political fall of people involved in his circle of acquaintances, of its caliber, in the service of a noisy president who congratulates Moses to validate better at first its next action calculated against the Haitian migrant. Free, Jackson, a businessman who evolved in an economy, a market and it exchanges overseas.

The affair would be extremely grave, really insidious. The emigration would have apparently, received the undated document, having crossed the stage of identification, the assertion tends to demonstrate the hand sight of Lucien Jura in the arrest of JJM to the airport. Would he have had in his ownership before publication or meaning by bailiffs the concerned people, the Blanc sign of a judge or a commissioner to whom he would have spoken to obtain this document following collected information?

Between brackets, unless Lucien Jura comes out himself involved together with another more ambitious political walk-on, in a plot with those (Harold Guerrier, electoral supervisor arrested for fraud, the day of the elections; Jutanie Revange, former candidate of PHTK, for the city hall; Yves Louisaint, Entrepreneur and owner of Saint Yves Market freshly build and now in monopoly after the closure of Enjoy market of Jackson Michel, and, granted with a visit to the palace besides promise of swipe card and sticks PN) who would have brought back to him the departure of Jackson, looked then for a fall guy to make him charged.

JJM left for the burial of a close friend in the US. He would have eventually personally even completed it, because JJM once depiction to the Public prosecutor’s department, is presented to Judge Pharel. The policemen having accompanied him since the counter of the boarding pass of Blue Jet: « here is the man of the Arcahaie that you had asked for to stop ». The judge would have informed the guides that it is the issuer of the mandate, thus the citizen should be questioned by that one. Curious effect of the presence of its name on the mandate. Or thus, at the airport where the crossed sources would have noticed Lucien Jura’s presence spokesman of the presidency, waiting in its car outside. Visible from the one in which JJM was embarked who confirms in his lament.

It was at this point of the original article, question to certify the responsibility of Jura during this operation activated at the final counter Blue Jet of boarding. It had been necessary to wonder, on the one hand, if Jura was present on the scene (another cause accidentally). Or, in task duty. How? Verify its minutes of call this day and, which he made for that purpose, selfie and virtue of the mobile phone have the hung tongue. Curious carelessness for this spokesman who was a director of the information to Signal-FM, before this new political career. Because, when the agent of service of Blue Jet received the call and pleaded the breakdown of a printer in Jackson faces, whereas the other agent in presence asserted the opposite, certifying to have used him the second of front. Traceability!

Story which is reminiscent of memories. Retention of the deposed president, Leslie Manigat, at the counter of a US air connection whereas he wanted to get back to his very country, in a country where we deport generally. Order, complicity, plot?

The local press was to have enough to be proud of this former colleague, nor its potential privileges. Here after various published articles, the silence questions: why do they hide this affair which affects even the former president of the senate and police commissioner Daméus in his practice?

So, a minimal investigation would have proved or the writing is the fingerprint of Jura on 1/2 documents, it would invalidate the mandate of the report of the breach while accusing Jura of grave violation of the Constitution. Of complicity with the executive, the president whose spokesman he is. A legal seizure of this document, ipso facto would be needed from then on to stop Jura in its functions of spokesman of the presidency, while waiting for a raised hand, so charged. In terms of procedure it is the higher quoted art.26.2. Reference and political calculation. If Jura settles in a silence since the publication of the series, police commissioner Daméus, on the other hand, as it is said at the judge’s side, make obstruction for a survey, when another hand points him for question of the racket.

Candidate L Jura would have already accused candidate JJ Michel, to organize the popular protests against the controversial politicized decree of the division of the municipality of Arcahaie, associating him with the violence, being jealous for its popularity.

Appearing from arms treated from nowhere. Shape of repression in the partisan denunciations to reveal its spokesman’s game. If there would have been an incentive in the violence, of Jura on privileged waves, let us remember ourselves of the sad business – Mungesera. Rwanda-94.

The information was thus able to be recently partially validated with the council of lawyers of Jackson (Mr. M. Branchedor), which obviously practice the law and not the politics, worth knowing (3) prescriptions of liberation would have been emitted whereas Lucien Jura would thoroughly have surrounded the execution. Would he have a quota of political prisoners to be delivered for the shade of this Haitian Pinochet?

Besides, the consulted crossed sources allowed us to understand insinuations of more than a lawyer concerned by the defense, I quote: « we, to us beat we with laws in hands. But, if it is the politics which surrounds the liberation, we do not make politics ». The relevance cannot be ruled out here by the fact of a flat index.

Lazyness, haste or truthfulness of the version which wants Jura to have him ad hoc. Signed arrest warrant 10/04 by the substitute or the note signed by police commissioner Daméus put down in the service of Immigration / emigration because this one contains date whereas the procedure is respected in the reception (dated without the hour) without wondering about the quoted fact. Let us refer then to the ban on departure emitted in the case-Bellerive, signed/dated by investigating judge JW Morin, as reception of 13/04. How reached this arrest warrant or the note, in reference to the ban on departure, which quotes the complaint of Jovenel Moïse, without being informed by bailiffs the interested nor publishing before? Let us note that presumed affair would be according to the light charges, crossed in the Municipality of Arcahaie whereas the prescription would concern Port-au-Prince, in a document denominated in French and drafted in French and in Creole, contrary to the prescriptions of the Constitution.

That is why I launched the challenge to the Office of the PM Justin, so that it accompanies us itself or by its diplomacy approved in Port-au-Prince, on a free visit in the press, in the institution where is imprisoned inequitably and illegally JJ Michel.

He will not know how to leave convinced of the opposite with the obvious degradation of the health of this man who would have lost everything by default to be a prisoner of a dictatorship in emergence whereas Ottawa denounces, accuses Maduro, in done root canal work Canadian diplomacy. Especially as its policy of welcome put in risk the circle of acquaintances of J Willer Marius with whom we had verified the digital document Viber account which demonstrates the persecution to continuation, until Santo Domingo airport. Same Justin who demands in Vatican the element of the report fallen in the passivity of the judicial repairs and the culprits, abruptly in state of sudden death. As it would then be needed to understand, Justin to advocate apology and compensation to the victim of politics – said previous to her weather, to keep silent where the crime is obvious in Haiti.

Do not demand the Haitian equity in this globalized world where the Canadian victim of local errors in the processing of the case of Syrian tortures against O. Kader is compensated. Or, apply the interface global Canadian of the compensation by the withholding tax straight from the Canadian bilateral cooperation which builds political prisons over there. JJ Michel is penalized in every sense of the word, with his widened family, and his political opponents who resumed the current of its business, has a cost.

It is necessary of this fact to deposit an international request in collective recourse, in style of Me. Ira Kurzban (Florida), Me. Julius Gray (Montreal), Me. Jacques Sales (Paris, Cap-Haïtien, Port-au-Prince), Me. Marc Henzelin (Geneva), Me. Reed Brody « the dictator’s hunter » (US) of whom the famous quotation of the daily paper Le Monde: « Le monde entier a compris qu’avec une plainte solide et des conditions politiques favorables, un tortionnaire peut être jugé, où qu’il soit » ? To seize the property, to apply a preventive frost to the assets of?

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