Military tactical exercises demonstrated increased combat capability of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan

On 27 March 2016, demonstrative military and tactical exercises, taking place in Turkmenistan in a mode of a sudden inspection of combat readiness of the National Army, continued with a march of involved military units to the training grounds for tackling the tasks.
During the march, military technology overcomes various obstacles, including water. Logistical support points and field kitchens are deployed en route. With the assistance of drone Falko reconnaissance flights had been conducted along the troops’ route to the landfills and topographic reconnaissance had been carried out.
The exercises have been held very close to real combat conditions, involving all kinds of troops. So, a group of aircraft « MiG-29 » Air Force exercised conducting air combat, covering-up troops, planes « Su-25 » and the helicopter « Mi-17 » – worked out the fire on ground targets, completing training and combat missions in accordance to the plan.
Transport aircraft performed tasks for the group dropping of the military Special Forces in certain areas, the transfer of airborne forces. In accordance with this task, Special Forces, acting promptly, immediately completed combat tasks, demonstrating its military prowess. Embattled parts of air defense expertly destroyed training targets of conditional enemy identified during the fighting and posing a potential threat to the troops during their march.
During the second phase of tactical military exercises, which demonstrated the increased combat capability of the Armed Forces, the courageous defenders of the Fatherland had successfully completed the task in front of them.
Currently, the maneuvers of troops continue in the framework of the exercise.