Visit of Ms Doris Leuthard, Swiss Minister of Finance to Geneva

The Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA), Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard, perhaps one of the youngest among the seven members of the Federal Council, the executive authority of the Swiss Government.
The FDEA is the centre of the Swiss Government for all core issues related to economic affairs and trade policies. In her capacity as its director, Mrs. Leuthard is, among other things, responsible for the Doha Round negotiations at the World Trade Organization. On 10 September she was in Geneva talking about the Swiss economy, trade and the quality of life in a meeting organized by the Christian Democratic Party.
So, first of all, the Swiss economy is strong and doing very well. According to the Minister, more than 60,000 full-time jobs have been created, and unemployment has been reduced by 24.000.
While Switzerland places a priority on multilateralism in its foreign economic policy, it defends its special interests through bilateral free trade agreements.
Therefore, Ms Leuthard explained, the economic policy of Switzerland is centered on three different axes, the European Union, where Switzerland needs to consolidate its position; the multilateral arena, where the Doha cycle is crucial; and finally the bilateral agreements, where Switzerland has more than 16 free-trade agreements with different countries.
Visit of Ms Doris Leuthard, Swiss Minister of Finance to GenevaDuring her meeting in Geneva, she also stressed the importance of Geneva International, which represents an important network both for the city of Geneva as well as the canton. Geneva, much like the rest of Switzerland, needs immigration and more people to come here to work. At the domestic level, the FDEA’s goal is to create the regulatory framework and economic policy conditions enabling Swiss and foreign companies located in Switzerland to prosper.
« In 2015 there will be 10 % less young finishing school, and we need to find people to fill this gap »…