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Astana’s Congress of World Religions Fosters the Building of Peace

Astana’s Congress of World Religions Fosters the Building of Peace By Annegret Mathari – Astana Religious leaders decided at an international congress in Astana to act for political solutions of armed conflicts. They stated a need for cooperation. Astana is sometimes called the Dubai of the Steppes because of its modern buildings. In December 1997 this new and vertical city on the Ishim River replaced Almaty as the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana’s symbol is the Bayterek Tower. This 97-metre-high monument,…

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Pontifical Irish College : Ireland and Italy

The Counter-Reformation, Council of Trent (1545-63), an ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, held three sessions in Trento, Italy. Part of its recommendations was for seminaries to be established for the training and education of aspirants to the priesthood. Their aim was to provide a Catholic clerical elite who would spearhead the Counter-Reformation in Ireland. The first Irish college was founded under the patronage of Philip II at Salamanca in 1592. In 1611 twelve Irish Colleges existed in…

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