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Lobbying activities favoring the Russian Federation

Lobbying activities favoring the Russian Federation Continuing the topic of the unreliability of information in the declaration of the European deputy from France T. Mariani, regarding flights to the Russian Federation and Crimea. T. Mariani actively hides his financial ties with the Russian Federation and denies that any third-party commercial structures have financed his participation in events in favor of the Russian Federation (particularly visits to Crimea). According to our information, T. Mariani receives funds for his lobbying activities…

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#StopPutinsParade An appeal to international leaders

#STOP PUTINS PARADE : An appeal to International Leaders by Sergei Liakovsky We, a community of experts and civil society representatives, call upon heads of state and government to decline invitations to attend the 9th of May military parade in Moscow. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the bloodiest military conflict in human history: World War II. In the civilized world, this is an occasion to recall the causes and consequences of that terrible war and to…

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