Turkmenistan to evacuate citizens from Ukraine

Turkmenistan to evacuate citizens from Ukraine

What the Turkmenistan government is doing now after the Russian conflict with
Ukraine has started is much more than what most major nations have done.
Immediately after air services with Ukraine were suspended due to the conflict,
Turkmenistan started arrangements for evacuating its citizens through
neighboring countries of Poland and Romania.

Embassies of Turkmenistan had set up necessary activities to receive its citizens
and facilitate their onward journey to Turkmenistan. Aircraft of civilian
Turkmenistan airlines are being used in this massive operation, and all the costs are
being borne by the government.

So far, the government of Turkmenistan has evacuated several hundreds of
students from Ukraine via its neighbouring countries. Therefore, it has become
very difficult to transport citizens of Turkmenistan from eastern Ukraine to the
borders on the west, through which they are being evacuated.

An aircraft carrying Turkmen nationals landed from Bucharest International

Airport in Romania to Turkmenabat International Airport today.
282 citizens of Turkmenistan were brought to Turkmenabat by special flight T5
3286 of Turkmenistan Airlines, their arrival in Turkmenistan was carried out free of charge and all services were provided to our citizens by the diplomatic missions
of our country.

The repatriation of Turkmen citizens living in Ukraine will continue. Proper
implementation of this work is another proof that the Government of Turkmenistan
is always concerned about its citizens.