UNITED NATIONS, GENEVA – A delegation of Hawaiian nationals attended the 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to report on the continuing and escalating human rights violations being committed by the United States through its prolonged, illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands.
The Hawaiian delegation once again repudiated the claim by the United States that the Hawaiian Islands constitute a domestic state of the United States of America, as completely false. The delegates asserted that the lands and seas, the people, assets and resources of the Hawaiian Islands were never transferred to the United States (or any other foreign power). Therefore, the Hawaiian Islands lawfully remain under the jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom, a nation in continuity.
Through panel presentations and interventions at the Human Rights Council, the Hawaii delegation decried the increasing, abusive policies, programs and tactics being employed by the United States and the State of Hawaii officials and agencies to maintain their illegal control of the Hawaiian Islands.
Recent Flagrant Human Rights Violations —
The Hawaii delegation pointed out five recent examples of flagrant human rights violations by the U.S. and State of Hawaii governments:

  1. Increased efforts to extinguish the political sovereignty and lawful claims of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Officials from the State of Hawaii, in collusion with the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Obama Administration are plotting to confer “federal recognition” of “Native Hawaiians” as a tribal nation of the United States. This scheme to construct a fake American Indian tribe constitutes the most recent attempt in hijacking of the national identity of Hawaiian Nationals; denying Hawaiian Nationals the right to self-determination and denying Hawaiian Nationals self-governance of their homeland (the Hawaiian Kingdom);
  2. Engaging in massive land fraud by taking lands from Hawaiian heirs holding original titles, and conveying these lands to new unsuspecting buyers by issuing defective “warranty deeds.” The illegal practice leaves Hawaiians displaced and impoverished in their own lands and new “owners” with gigantic mortgages on properties with fraudulent titles. The manipulation and misappropriation of lands in Hawaii creates a standing land crisis constantly driving costs higher and further out of reach of the Hawaiian people;
  3. Issuing permits for an international joint project to build a facility to house the world’s largest telescope at the summit of the 4,207 meter mountain, Mauna Kea, in spite of the strong objections raised by the Hawaiian people regarding spiritual,
    environmental, cultural and aesthetic desecration, as well as the lack of authority of the illegal occupying state to issue such permits. Thousands of people utilized civil disobedience to block construction from proceeding. Thirty people were arrested for obstruction. Eventually the state courts nullified the construction permits citing non-compliance to the state’s own permitting procedures. However, the issue of proper jurisdiction is still unresolved and the project could reapply for permits;
  4. Allowing multinational, bio-chemical, agro-business giants Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer, Dow, BASF and other companies to conduct unregulated experiments, grow genetically engineered crops for worldwide export, refuse to disclose the serious health risks to the people of Hawaii and otherwise operating with impunity in the Hawaiian Islands. Efforts by the people to regulate or obtain information on chemical usage is being met with resistance from the multinational companies filing lawsuits allowing them to sidestep county restrictions, which leads to exposing local families to uncontrolled, restricted-use pesticides with known and unknown impacts on health and environment;
  5. Repeated acknowledgement of the wrongful taking and usurpation of the lands and political status of the Hawaiian Islands, yet refusing to rectify the wrong-doing despite ardent requests for just resolution and peaceful settlement. Numerous requests for intervention filed with the Human Rights Council and other treaty bodies and agencies of the UN have gone unheeded.

Hawaiian Kingdom was never extinguished —
The fact is, under international law, the Hawaiian Islands state and its government, the Hawaiian Kingdom was never extinguished. The Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist as a sovereign, independent nation-state. The United States flagrantly violates international laws by imposing U.S. jurisdiction, national identity and agenda on Hawaii and its people.
It is our expectation that the Human Rights Council and the other bodies and agencies of the UN would come to the aid of the peace-loving Hawaiian people who only seek to be set free from the bondage of a wrongful occupation to exercise their right to self-determination.
The Hawaii Delegation —
• H.E. Leon Kaulahao Siu – is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Hawaiian Kingdom and a prominent strategist, advocate, activist and spokesman for the reinstatement of Hawaii as an independent nation. Minister Siu is working to reactivate relations with treaty nations and to develop agreements with other states. He is also the chair of the Decolonization Alliance based in New York City.

  • Dr. Williamson Chang – was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is a Professor at the University of Hawaii’s Richardson School of Law and has taught a wide variety of courses including corporations, securities regulations, Native Hawaiian Rights, Indigenous People’s Law, Legal Aspects of Water Resources in Hawai’i, Jurisprudence, Conflict of Laws and Legal Practice. His most recent writings conclusively demonstrate that the Hawaiian Islands were never annexed by the United States.


  • Ms Routh Bolomet – Is descended from the royal line of chiefs of Hawaii. She is both a Hawaiian Kingdom subject and a Swiss citizen. She has extensive knowledge of land titles in Hawaii, the healing arts and creating sustainable food sources…and how these can be applied around the world to empower and free peoples and nations from dependency.