Interview with Tatjana Knoll Director of CamberwellB Consulting, Events management

Tatjana is one of those young dynamic businesswomen who you a chance to come across from time to time. She set up her own consulting company years ago working with the private sector and some private clients, mainly of Russian-speaking origins.
Q: Could you tell us how everything started?
In fact, it started out with organizing events. I was often invited to events of all sorts, but there was, in my opinion, a small detail missing, or something that could have been done better. With the encouragement of my friends, I started out organizing receptions, garden parties and similar kinds of events.
In life, one thing leads to another and people began to ask me for assistance. Russian-speaking people arriving in Geneva, either on business or to work here, needed assistance in many different ways. So I became more and more involved in different activities and now I can assist people in getting their papers in order, finding a place to live, etc. Today, I can find you property that nobody knows is available on the market, commercial property for businesses or investors interested in buying property in Switzerland or elsewhere. I have a huge network of the best people working with me.
Another service I soon developed was the personal shopper. Often business people lead a very hectic life and often they do not have time to go shopping. So I do it for them.
Q: How do you do that?
In fact, it is not as easy as you might think. I followed classes in Lausanne, where they provide special training for this kind of activity. You base yourself on the morphology of the person: you try to determine his/her taste, what would be their style, their approach. Then I walk around the shops looking for clothes or gifts. Once I have identified something, I send off pictures to the client and then he/she reverts back to me. Today, I can get them exclusive products directly sent from Paris or elsewhere –– this is something quite unique.
Q: Somebody told me that you can even find investors and sponsors for projects.
Yes, this is true. It’s all a matter of trust and the building of confidence. The world is small and people know who is who. Once you keep your word and do a good job, you can achieve a lot of things. Sponsorships is one of them, and it’s true that the clients have to get something out of it too. I also offer business development services and B2B services for companies, and can bring them directly to the decision makers.
Q: What about the international community? Could you eventually work with them? 
Of course, it’s enough to contact me and then we can explore ways of working together. CamberwellB Consulting provides high-quality services for a demanding clientele. In addition, our clients benefit from our exclusive network consisting of targeted businesses, embassies, real-estate and event management consultants.
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