I Am Your Protector, stories of unexpected protectors

Logo IAYP copyIn the context of rising polarisation and hatred, people have the power to melt hate.
Hatred becomes legitimate and acceptable when a group is depicted as monolithic and when this group is perceived as representing a threat. This prism is systematically used to lead and justify discrimination, conflicts and genocides.
I Am Your Protector present stories of unexpected and often unknown protectors, that shows that no group, no community is monolithic, even in times and places of conflict, war and genocide people have stood up for each other across tension or even conflict line. They have not let a narrative even if believed by the majority make them hate the other because they were “the other”.
-1 -2 -3I AM YOUR PROTECTOR featured in New York large screens in key locations -Union Square, Washington Square, Columbus Circle- on which the images are not visible unless seen through special glasses, which were distributed. The format echoed the content – inviting people to “see things differently” and be exposed to stories that challenges perception, misperception and prejudice toward the so called « other ».
Screen on which the images are not visible unless seen through special glasses
Images and stories of Protectors revealed with the special glasses