President of Turkmenistan attended the opening of facilities in the Avaza district

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the opening of new facilities in the Avaza district of Turkmenbashi city. Among the new buildings are administrative buildings of City Council and department of municipal services of the region of Avaza, police and fire safety departments, equipped with special equipment and facilities, as well as shopping and a sports center.
Among the new facilities is a secondary school, designed for 320 seats. Here, excellent conditions have been put in place for training, educational work, organization of sports, cultural and sporting events, as well as for cognitive leisure of students. Classes and classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia and computer equipment and manuals. The school has a library, specialized rooms for classes in groups of interest, a dining room and a large conference room for celebrations. At the disposal of children there are a sports hall and courts, as well as classrooms for labor training.
In addition, the social infrastructure of the seaside town was completed by a kindergarten for 160 places. In the two-storey building, one can find spacious bright rooms, including children’s cozy bedrooms, classrooms for training, equipped with multimedia and interactive technology, in particular for language learning and mastering the basics of computer literacy, music and sports halls, and swimming pool. On the territory of the kindergarten there are playgrounds.
The next object in a series of new buildings is a Healthcare Centre, where necessary conditions for the provision of medical care to the population were put in place. Here, doctors’ offices and specialized departments were compactly located, such as a medical assistant, maternity, surgery, consultative and diagnostic, physiotherapy, ambulance, outpatient, pharmacy, and others. They are equipped with the most modern medical equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, including X-ray, ECG and ultrasound.
The opening ceremonies were accompanied by distinctive customs and traditions of the Turkmen people carefully passed down from generation to generation. This gave the celebration a special touch, having become the clear evidence of continued commitment of the nation to the cultural heritage.
The vehicle of the Turkmen leader stops in a new residential area with a shopping center built in the Avaza district. The complex includes eight four-storey residential buildings, a total of 200 two-and three-bedroom apartments. The territory adjacent to the houses is landscaped and equipped with children’s playgrounds and sports fields.
President of Turkmenistan enters one of the houses. The Turkmen leader was cordially greeted by the happy settlers of an appartment, located on the ground floor, for whom this day marked a joyous event which will be unforgettable. President of Turkmenistan wished the newcomers happiness and well-being of the family and gave them gifts.
Then the head of state visited the shopping center built near the new housing estates. In the spacious halls of the shopping center one can buy a variety of products manufactured by domestic producers. There is a variety of meat, fish, dairy, grocery and gourmet products, cereals and bakery products, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables; a wide choice of juices, carbonated drinks, and mineral waters. In addition, there is a specialized textile shop. It also provides carpet products and products of national crafts.
Also today, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in celebrations on the occasion of the opening of the new complex on breeding sturgeon fish, fish production, caviar and fish products of the Open Joint Stock Company « Khazar balyk », built in the administrative center of Turkmenbashi city.