Maintaining the ideals of humanism and respectability

The example of maintenance of principles of international law, ideals of humanism and justice is the policy, being pursued under leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on decrease of statelessness in Turkmenistan. From 2011 to 2014 inclusive, Turkmenistan naturalized over four thousand immigrants – persons, residing on the territory of the country. From the part of the state, all conditions are created for worthy life of new citizens of the country. Granting the citizenship allows improving the social condition of this people, gives them an opportunity to enjoy numerous privileges, and opens the access to get education, job, medical and other assistances. Alongside with citizenship, a person not only get all rights, but mainly, the feeling of self-esteem. Stabilization of personal life of human being contributes to the stability in the society and national security of the state.

It is worth mentioning that granting of citizenship to such large number of people and within the short period of time, has no precedents in the region of the Central Asia and on the space of CIS that is of great interest for international community. Bright evidence of this fact is the organization on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan in our country in 2012 of the international conference “Refugees in Muslim world”, which contributed to study of accumulated experience on issues of naturalization of refugees and stateless persons. Representatives of governmental circles of 57 member countries of Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO), officials and representatives of over 40 largest international and intergovernmental organizations, observers from 21 states took part in the work of the forum.

In 2014, it was held another International Conference on migration and statelessness “Identification of challenges and a way forward”, where official delegations from 32 countries, representatives of 16 authoritative international organizations, non-government structures took part in.

Policy of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the field of humanitarian law is based on adherence to international conventions ratified by our country. Turkmenistan has joined to the Convention of 1951 “On legal provisions of refugees” and Protocol to it of 1967, Convention of 1954 “On status of stateless persons” and Convention of 1961 “On decrease of statelessness”. At that, Turkmenistan became the first country in the Central Asia joined to aforementioned conventions. These are important documents from viewpoint of securing of human rights, which create essential instruments for efficient activity on prevention and decrease of statelessness.

Steadily fulfilling all undertaken obligations, the Turkmen state realizes the implementation of relevant international norms and recommendations in national legislative basis. In 2012, it was passed the Laws of Turkmenistan “On migration”, “On refugees” and in 2013 – “On citizenship of Turkmenistan”. With a view of fulfilment of norms of Conventions “On legal situation of refugees” and “On status of stateless persons” and for use of all rights of refugees and stateless persons, residing on the territory of the country, it was worked out and approved by Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan the new samples of certificate of stateless person, travel document of stateless person, certificate of refugee, travel document of refugee, residence permit corresponding with ICAO standards, as well as passed the acts, regulating legal order of their issue. At that, Turkmenistan created single system on provision with documents, certifying the personality.

For facilitation of entry of foreign citizens on the territory of the country and maintenance of high level of their service, it was put into operation since January 2012 the new samples of specially protected visas. In accordance with norms of international law following the principle of unity of family, creating the privileges for foreign citizens to live on the territory of the country, they have an opportunity to reside in Turkmenistan on the basis of residence permit or on visa, being issued on favorable terms. It is another confirmation of providing of equal conditions in accordance with universally recognized requirements of international law both for its citizens and for foreign citizens and stateless persons.

At that, as the permanent member of Executive Committee of Program of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Turkmenistan actively assists the practical realization of measures aimed at protection and securing of rights of refugees and stateless persons. Accurately fulfilling the undertaken international obligations as well as following the universally recognized norms of international law, Turkmenistan has realized important events on protection of refugees that made ponderable contribution to the solution of this global problem. Experience of Turkmenistan in this sphere excites great respect and interest from the part of world community, raising the authority of the country on the international arena.