Are you a Chicken or a Pig?

The workplace is a diverse coming together of people with differing backgrounds, skills, drive, ambition, and individual traits. Leaders and managers work hard at bringing together such an eclectic selection to form effective teams and build successful companies.
However, no matter how diverse a group of people are in a specific team and irrespective of how large the team is, you can divide the entire population into two distinct types: “Chicken” and “Pigs”. No offence is intended in the use of animals here; you can say sheep, goats or cows instead of pigs, the point remains the same.
In any team sport, you see players with different responsibilities such as attack, defence, wingers, etc. A good team is well drilled and organised to act in a concerted manner to defend or attack. A less organised team has gaps in its defence or, its attack is not so sharp to take on the chances created by its backup members. Overlaid on top of the tactical organisation, or lack of it, is the attitude of players involved. There are those who are happy to contribute within their area of responsibility; they do what they need to do to the best of their abilities. On the other hand, there are those who are fully committed to the cause no matter how helpless the situation is. They run, they tackle, they defend, they attack, they motivate others around them, they celebrate wildly when they win and often cry when they lose.
In almost all other work situations, you can observe the same phenomenon of those who contribute and those who commit.
Next time you are having your breakfast of Bacon and eggs or beef bacon and eggs, just think of the chicken that contributed to your breakfast by providing you the eggs it laid. Also think of the pig (or cow) that committed its own life to provide you with those slices of bacon.
Now observe people around you and see how they work, are they chickens or pigs. Look at yourself and judge what you are. Me? I am a pig and proud of it!
Mufid Sukkar