Turkmenistan creates new transport corridors

Within the framework of pursued policy of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on introduction of a strong contribution to development of international cooperation on transport and communication sector and formation of the appropriate modern infrastructure that is one of the key factors of a global sustainable development. Under the leadership of Esteemed President is conducted the work on implementation of initiatives of Turkmenistan directed on creation of new transport corridors, transformations of the country into continentally significant large transportation hub. One of such projects is the transport corridor Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan across the Caspian Sea.
Currently in Baku is expected arrival of the Turkmen “Berkarar” ferry of the class RO-PAX intended for transportation of passengers, and also trucks and other vehicles.
The « Berkarar » ferry has arrived to Turkmenistan in December, 2014. The Turkmen “Berkarar” ferry is constructed on a shipyard of « ULJANIK » (Poulat’s city, Croatia) by order of the State sea and river transportations services of Turkmenistan. The contract provided construction of two ferries, first of them – “Berkarar”. The ferry is equipped with the high-quality equipment which is completely conforming to the highest today’s requirements including environmental safety to that the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention.
Everything is provided in order that “Berkarar”, possessing high qualities, speed and manoeuvrability for capability to carry out long voyages. On the ferry are established two 4-stroke 3060 kW engines on each side that allows to disperse the ferry to make a speed in 17,6 knots. Fuel volumes on “Berkarar” is 150 cubic meters that gives it the possibility to overcome a sea way in 1800 of nautical miles. Rainfall level of the ferry is 4,35 meters, and deadweight (i.e. full loading capacity) – 2400 tons. Length of the ferry is 155,8 meters, width – 17,5 meters, height – 12,2 meters. The first and second floors of the five-level ferry are designated for cargo vehicles, they can contain 53 trucks.
The third floor of the ferry is designated for the passengers. Here they can visit comfortable restaurant or cafeteria, to make purchases in shop or to have a rest in special chairs, enjoying sea landscapes. There are playground, the medical center and other service points. The modern ferry can accept up to 200 passengers with created all necessary conditions for comfortable stay. On the fourth floor is placed a living section. There are cabins for passengers, 17 crew members and 12 people of the service personnel. Helicopter platform is located on the most main flat.
Possibilities of the Turkmen “Berkarar” ferry will allow to save considerably time which is spent for transportations by motor transportation of the cargos from the European countries to Central Asia, for the Middle and Far East, and also will allow significantly increase commodity turnover volume.
The second similar ferry of the class RO-PAX – “Bagtyyar” already floated in June, 2014 also constructed by request of Turkmenistan on shipyards of the Croatian city of Poulat. Its arrival in the port of registry is planned in 2015. “Bagtyyar” will be the sixteenth modern ferry which came to Turkmenistan during the last five years.