Turkmenistan, a Reliable and Responsible Partner in the International Electricity Market

In the era of power and happiness, thanks to the measures, implemented by the President of Turkmenistan to transform the electric power industry, in our country new power plants and high-voltage power lines are being built, and reconstruction of existing energy facilities is being carried out. And this contributes to a secure energy supply to domestic consumers and to export of excess electricity in a rising volume.

An example of this is a high-voltage overhead power line « AtamuradAndkhoy », which is a part of an overhead power line under construction from the Mary Hydroelectric Plant till the border of Afghanistan, as well as an outdoor switchgear « Atamurad » in Atamyrat District.

As a result of these measures, technical conditions for improving power quality and increasing voltage of exported Turkmen electricity to neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, are being put in place.

In accordance with the technological regulations, with the increase of voltage of the exported Turkmen electricity to Afghanistan, since 8 December 2014 energy supply to consumers of the neighboring state’s provincesSarypul”, “Dzhouzdzhan” andFaryap” has been radically improved, and the demand of these provinces for the Turkmen electricity has been met. Thanks to the increase of voltage of the exported electricity, there has been also increase in power consumption. This is a clear expression of the true friendliness, good-neighborly relations, and humane and noble deeds of the rapidly developing Turkmen state, led by esteemed President, for peace and stable development of the neighboring Afghan people, following the example of the international community, especially in the winter season, a crucial time of the year.

As a sign of their joy, the population and leadership of the abovementioned provinces are sincerely grateful to the esteemed President of Turkmenistan for the export of the high-quality electricity on favorable terms as expression of a fraternal assistance, and wish well to the people of Turkmenistan, along with a good health to their esteemed leader, as well as success in all his endeavors for the people and the country.