A new enterprise of iodine products has been put into operation in Turkmenistan

A new iodine products manufacturing enterprise of has been put into operation in Bereket town in Balkan province of Turkmenistan.

The pharmaceutical business is designed for producing 250 million iodine sticks, 50 million iodine pencils and 500 000 stomatological tampons per year. Such products are very easy to use at in-patient medical institutions, emergency medicine as well as in home and outdoor conditions. The number of situations, when one-time medical sticks and pencils are necessary is great: sanitization and management of traumatological and surgical wounds, samplings, investigation of biomaterials, hygienic individual care.

They provide the safety of procedures for patents and personnel in surgical and other departments and simplify them; save the employees of laboratories from the necessity of direct contact with dangerous, infected materials; in some cases, replace the reusable sterile devices from plastic and metal, solving the problem of sanitization and disinfection of instruments. The enterprise, where all production processes are automated and computerized, includes 5 departments.

Turkmenistan possesses the largest deposits of iodine and bromine waters in the world. They are located in Balkan province. In addition, the Cheleken, Boyadag, Nebitdag-Monjukly deposits are under active industrial development. The Gogerendag-Garadashli deposit, which contains over 50% of iodine reserves of Turkmenistan and takes the first place on this position among CIS countries, belongs to the reserves. It is also worth mentioning that expected iodine reserves in the western region of the country considerably exceeds the explored ones.