Increase of level and quality of life of Turkmen residents, including through creation of conditions for full-fledged and comfortable recreation, is major trend of the state policy of Turkmenistan, being pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Principally new system of resorts and recreation, being created in our country on the initiative of the nation leader, is a part of common structure of effective health improvement of population, containing the best of national and foreign experience.
One of the bright examples of this fact is the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”, which welcomes thousands of Turkmen residents, who arrive from all parts of the country during summer vocations. Here, on the coast of ancient Caspian Sea, it is stretched the cascades of modern hotels and various recreation centers, where the purest sandy beaches, generous sun, healing air and warm sea give an opportunity to have a good rest and strengthen the health. As the head of Turkmen state underlines, the main purpose of creation of “Avaza” is to realize colossal recreation potential of the seacoast – unique natural pearl of the country, to provide optimally comfortable conditions for recreation of Turkmen residents, because the concern about people, their welfare and health is major priority of the state policy of Turkmenistan.
Unique natural resources and climatic conditions – optimal for successful functioning of world-class resort on ecologically pure coast of the Caspian Sea also contribute to good recreation.
The head of state excellently knows about significance of the recreation with possibility of support and strengthening the health for full-fledged labor activity as the physician, who devoted many years to the medical practice, and as the scientist, whose one of directions of researches is the public health. A lot of works of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the country, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honorable doctor, professor of several Research Centers of foreign states were devoted to this topic. Among very popular editions, it is worth mentioning his multivolume work “Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan”, monograph “Turkmenistan – land of resorts” and others devoted to the healing properties of the Turkmen nature – plants, mineral waters, climate, etc.
At that, the nation leader always underlines that the best means for relieving emotional and physical stress, rest from workdays are the active spare time and communication with nature. The head of state proves the truth of aforementioned on his personal example and demonstrates his own excellent sport training and inexhaustible good spirits, turning to purposefulness, resoluteness and vitality in deeds, effectiveness and fruitfulness in the activity.
The right of citizens for vocation is legally secured in the Turkmen state, where the best conditions for recreation of people are created owing to the attention of the President. In these hot days of July, our compatriots spare their time with benefit in the resort-health centers created and renewed within the last time. All of them correspond with the high international standards and requirements according to their level of comfort and service. It reflects major guidelines of social policy of the Turkmen state aimed systematic increase of welfare and quality of life of people.
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