Cholera Epidemic in Chad

Text: IFRC Photos: Action Press/Virot
Date September 7, 2011
During a press conference at the Palais des Nations, IFRC Pablo Medina, Operations Coordinator in Geneva, said that the choéera cases in Chad in 2011 have now reached 12’713 cases with 1’368 new cases over the last week.
With the peak of the rainy season coming in September and October, it is feared that the number of cholera cases will double and could reach up to 25’000 cases with the cost of hundreds more lives of no futher actions is taken.
The risk of a wider and more serious outbreak is very real. For the first time this year cases have been reported in the east of Chad. The main concern is that the outbreak will continue to spread in different regions of the country and reach refugee camps along the Sudanese border.