Interview de Darius Rochebin, journaliste et présentateur du 19h30 Le Journal de TSR

Darius Rochebin, you are a key player in the Suisse Romande. Not only are you a media person, but an individual much appreciated by the Swiss. How do you account for your popularity?
Thank you for this appraisal. One should never refuse a compliment; therefore, I accept this one. But I think the most important thing is sincerity. I remain a journalist. I have never seen myself as a political figure or an « opinion maker ». Similarly, I am wary of egomaniacs who come out with ready-made phrases such as « I love everyone! ».
You have interviewed numerous leaders and key-players on the international political scene, such as Gorbachev, Ban Ki-moon and even Jacques Attali. If you were to select just one of these meetings, which one would it be and why?
Gorbachev, without any doubt, because he represents a facet of history. The man sitting facing you is the same one seen in photographs standing on Lenin’s Tomb in front of the Kremlin when the USSR existed. Furthermore, he has a fascinating way of expressing himself.
You have met the present President of Iran. What memory do you have of such a politically sensitive interview?
Very stressful! In these situations, one must attempt to master numerous factors. Check that the interpretation is working properly; reach an understanding with your guest’s security agents; phrase one’s questions in a courteous manner; while making sure that you deal with the key subjects.
How do you see an International Geneva?
Geneva has great potential that is rather underexploited. Fortunately, important people like Ban Ki-moon, Corinne Momal-Vanian, the director of the UN Information Service, and Carlos Lopes, the head of UNITAR, are establishing links with the city. Their work is outstanding.
Among your numerous interviews, is there an amusing story or situation that left a lasting impression?
My interview with Joseph Kabila, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo! I have never seen so many guns in the studio! There were an extraordinary number of bodyguards with pistols sticking out of their pockets! I joked with the President and his men and they were able to laugh at themselves. Humour can defuse many tense situations.