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Justice and Self-determination

Justice and Self-determination Geneva; 8 July 2019: International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM), International Commission of Human Rights (ICHR) and Indigenous Peoples and Nations Coalition (IPNC) hosted a side event on the side lines of 41st session of UN Human Rights Council (HRC) titled “Justice and Self-determination”. The event was moderated by Ambassador Ronald Barnes, Chairman of IPNC. In his opening remarks he referred to the discrimination and institutional delay in the administration of justice. He further…

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Alejandro ‘Bloody O’Reilly’: A Military Might

In the context of religious and territorial wars of past centuries, the exploits of Irish soldiers and officers are well chronicled by military and other historians. As professional soldiers they preferred to put their swords at the disposal of different European monarchs rather than fight for the colonisers who had overrun their country. They fought for the French, Austrian, Prussian, Spanish, Italian and Russian armies and others too. Irishmen or their descendants became influential figures in many countries achieving…

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