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The Older you Get, Editor

The older you get… EITORIAL – DIVA “The older you get, the quicker the years pass by,” my colleague observed the other day. “Did you know that, according to some contemporary historians, the most important year in the twentieth century was 1979? I presume that was before 2020 and the Covid19 that knocked out the whole world for quite some time. Generations after us will definitely be curious to know what it was like to live under these conditions….

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“International Cooperation of Turkmenistan in the Healthcare Sphere” was held in Ashgabat

A BRIEFING ENTITLED “INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION OF TURKMENISTAN IN THE HEALTHCARE SPHERE” WAS HELD IN ASHGABAT On May 8, 2020, a briefing entitled « International cooperation of Turkmenistan in the healthcare sphere » was held in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. The briefing was attended by the heads and representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health and Medical Industry, and other relevant departments of Turkmenistan, leading political scientists of the country, as well as heads of…

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Titre publié : English, Health & Well-Being Commentaires fermés sur “International Cooperation of Turkmenistan in the Healthcare Sphere” was held in Ashgabat