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Wisdom of A Child

Sometimes I think I have gone mad but when I reflect on what had happened, I am relieved to realise perhaps it is the business world I inhabit that is slowly but surely going completely nuts! No matter how high level or advanced the business situation is, humanity still acts and behaves in a ridiculously self-important and self-deluding manner where there are always people around who encourage and promote lunatic behaviour for their own ends.  Although I note the…

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A Lesson in Integrity, Professionalism and Earned Respect

In one of the companies I work with, there is a man whom I look up to for three attributes that I have always aspired to achieve in my professional life, they are: integrity, professionalism and earned respect. I am sure you are wondering: who is this man and what does he do for that company? His name is not relevant to the story, but his job is. His official role is “Messenger”, but the role entails, in addition…

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