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Jan Eliasson, President of the General Assembly and a serving Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jan Eliasson

 is one of the leading players of diplomacy and foreign relations. We may briefly say that he has served as the Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sweden’s Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, the Secretary-General’s Personal Representative on Iran/Iraq, Chairman of the UN General Assembly’s working group on emergency relief, Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and Chairman of the UN Trust Fund for South Africa. He was also appointed as the first United…

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Interview with Edward Mortimer, Director of Communications, United Nations

Edward Mortimer is one of Kofi Annan’s trusted men. For more than eight years this former journalist from The Financial Times, who travelled all over the world in his previous job, has been in charge of making the world understand Kofi Annan’s message in a simple and broad manner. He has a double job-Head of the Speech-Writing Unit and Director of Communi-cations. It’s a challenging position, and Mr. Mortimer kindly accepted to answer our numerous questions about it. As…

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