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It’s all about a virus… RJP & FM

It’s all about a virus… As the countries around the world compete to get the greatest number of their inhabitants vaccinated, we wanted to go back in time to explore what is behind this race. Is it a bat virus as many tend to believe? And did it originate in a laboratory, as many are now asserting ? There are many ideas out there, but nobody seems to know for sure what it is all about, except that it…

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Turkmenistan is fulfilling its international obligations

Turkmenistan is fulfilling its international obligations The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan today informed us about the following measures. The staff members of the diplomatic service and other state agencies of the country carry out regular contacts with the representatives of the “Taliban” movement on the issues of protection of state borders, provision of customs, sanitary, phytosanitary, and other types of supervision and control implemented during the transportation of freights through the borders. In this context, we note…

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