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March, 2007
2007 Marks the 35th Anniversary of the 1972-73 Oil Crisis

« Did you know that 2007 will mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the 1972-73 oil crisis ? » Perhaps my generation did not feel the impact directly, but surely our parents and grandparents did ! A dramatic oil price increase led to one of the worst recessions that Europe had known since the 1930s. According to an economist…

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Interview with Edward Mortimer, Director of Communications, United Nations
Edward Mortimer

Edward Mortimer is one of Kofi Annan’s trusted men. For more than eight years this former journalist from The Financial Times, who travelled all over the world in his previous job, has been in charge of making the world understand Kofi Annan’s message in a simple and broad manner. He has a double job-Head…

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