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John O’Sullivan (1877-1955) : ‘Heroic Irish Tenor’   

John O’Sullivan (1877-1955) :  ‘Heroic Irish Tenor’    He was born in Cork on 29 October 1877 and died in Paris on 28 April 1955.  *Asile Hereditaire The life and career of John O’Sullivan by Francois Nouvion is a first detailed biography of the tenor whose career from 1929 was championed by the writer James Joyce (1882-1941) who shared his love of vocal music. The book contains personal and professional pictorial including hitherto unpublished material. It was written by…

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John Field (1782-1837) : Irish composer, pianist, teacher

John Field (1782-1837) Irish composer pianist teacher Born in Dublin into an established musical family John Field was taught by his father (a violinist in Dublin theatres), his grandfather and the composer Tommaso Giordani. As something of a prodigy he made his debut in Dublin at the age of nine and his first London appearance in 1793. He worked as a piano salesman and demonstrator for Muzio Clementi in London, who took him on a European tour in 1802,…

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