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La première édition globale de International Diplomat Magazine est en migration ultime, les publications ont été conservées. Nous finalisons cependant les indexations au niveau des articles associés aux auteurs respectifs.
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Most diplomats in Geneva are familiar with Diva (now the International Diplomat) and, despite a name that might be confusing, it is indeed a magazine for people working for international organizations. Our primary purpose is to provide a forum allowing them to talk about their missions, their work and their projects, but we also offers a range of articles dealing with travel, cultural, historical figures, gastronomy, etc…

Since its creation in 2002 Diva has been distributed and read throughout the world, and not only in New York and Geneva, in United Nations headquarters but also on all continents, and its visibility is even stronger since the creation of its website :

and now

It should be noted that if the majority of articles and interviews are in English, many are also French and some are in Spanish.

The International Diplomat – Diva is apolitical and neutral and calls without distinction to all those involved in the life of the Cite, that of their country diplomats, bankers, UN officials, presidents, foreign ministers, heads of NGOs, businessmen, writers, artists – it is open to anyone who wish to express their views and opinions.

Published on glossy paper with many color photos, Diva became through its eclecticism a popular magazine for all and has become a reference in the world of international Geneva.

It consists of a small but enthusiastic team since its inception, and whose goal is to communicate, inform, and share their passions in a spirit of tolerance and openness.

We are : Jean-Michel Wissmer, Ita Marguet, Judit Varadi, John Fox, Jean-Martin Tchaptchet, Marit Fosse, Dan Albertini and Pierre-Michel Virot, independent photographer.

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Dubai, 01 November 2018 ITU elects first woman and other top managers to lead UN agency for technology Election results from the 20th ITU Plenipotentiary Conference ​​The 20th Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has elected the first woman to one of five top executive positions in the…

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The Economic Situation in Yemen Interview with Ms Aruna Bolaky, EA Officer, UNCTAD

The Economic Situation in Yemen Interview with Ms Aruna Bolaky, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD Q: You are a specialist on LDCs. What is the definition of a LDC? As stated in the “Istanbul Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2011-2020”, the least developed countries,…

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